Feb 7, 2011

Navisurfer II UBU-3G Released!

in-Car Revolution of Perception, Ubuntu & 3G internet in your car!

Category: General
Posted by: VIC Press Center

VIC is pleased to announce the release of the Navisurfer II UBU-3g

Navisurfer II UBU-3G is truly a new concept and an unimaginable new experience of in car entertainment. Ubuntu 10.10 based, with car-friendly customized interface and 3G wireless broadband connection, it incorporates all possible features of a traditional in-car entertainment with all benefits of a personal computer and a broadband connection can give.

Aside from a music and video players, it's adding thousands of Internet Radio and TV channels from all over the world, Internet browsing, free GPS Navigation, social networks, broadcasting channels and the most important, giving the freedom to customize the whole system in a way where the mind of the user is the only limitation.

Top customizable system, tens of thousands of free applications ready to download, Navit GPS Navigation System with free maps, large data storage and any function you name... at a cost of a traditional stereo player.

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